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Three Rivers Roleo


  • 111 Irvin St, Great River Landing, Onalaska, WI 54650
  • Jul 13 - 14, 2019

Event Schedule

Jul 139:30 AM - 10:30 AMProfessional Athlete Check In
Jul 1310:15 AMWarm Up
Jul 1310:30 AMJudges Meeting
Jul 1310:40 AMCompetitors Meeting
Jul 1311:00 AMIntroductions and National Anthem
Jul 1311:05 AMProfessional Competition

The Roleo continues to grow in our 12th annual and 5th consecutive year on Fox Sports. Please consider volunteering with set-up, take down, judging adult sport and amateur, etc... As you all know, log rolling is a small sport that is growing as such our events run on volunteers!

Please like, share and comment on social media! Each of you has your own network we can reach! Sponsors like seeing this!

This is a Level 2 USLRA tournament on spike logs. It will be a double elimination tournament.

Match Order

Two docks will run for all competitors. We will alternate a round of women then a round of men. It will be scheduled so that the semi-finals for the women are followed by the semi-finals for the men. Followed by, the finals for the women and the finals for the men. We will go completely through the front side of the bracket all the way to the championship matches and complete all back bracket matches afterwards. A detailed schedule of match orders will be available in the competitors" area. (Same format as the last two Three Rivers Roleo). Competitors are responsible for paying attention to the match order. If either the men or women complete the round prior to the other group. The remaining group will go to two docks following match order. The first match on the list will go to the first available dock.

Prize Money

Each division will have a prize money break down as follows: 1st- $800, 2nd- $550, 3rd- $400, 4th- $250, 5th- $175, 6th- $175, 7th- $75, 8th- $75. We do not have a title Sponsor

Essentially the higher entry fee much like a deposit down to guarantee you show up as the brackets are printed in advance. Why do we print brackets in the program? We find it increases audience participation and interaction much like if you do brackets for other sports? Once you show up and compete you will get your deposit back.


The Three Rivers Roleo will air on Fox Sports North & Fox Sports Wisconsin this year. This is a great opportunity for exposure for the sport. We request your assistance in making it a success for the sport.


The draw will take place on a live Facebook Video. Stay tuned for details.


What are the goals of the 2019 Three Rivers Roleo presented by KRICK, LLC?

Three Rivers Roleo strives to provide the best competition for both the on-site and the Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin audience. Every effort is being made to provide safety, consistency, and transparency to all athletes while encouraging superior sportsmanship for the enjoyment of our fans. The tournament also serves to promote the sport of log rolling, expand into new markets, and demonstrate support for our sponsors who make the event possible.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is available onsite at the event and on nearby streets. We would encourage athletes to carpool from the hotel.

If flying, you may fly into the La Crosse Regional Airport http://www.lseairport.com/.

What accommodations are available?


The Holiday Inn Express in Onalaska, Wisconsin, or the Gundersen Hotel and Suites in La Crosse, WI. For reservations at the Holiday Inn Express, call 608-783-6555, and 608-793-0200 resoectively. We encourage you to reserve rooms early. The block is under "TRR" at the Holiday Inn Express with a room rate of $104+ taxes and fees per night.

What rules will be followed?

This is a United States Log Rolling Association (USLRA) Sanctioned Level Two Tournament. All USLRA rules will be followed. Additional safety precautions will be taken for an area greater than three feet parallel to the dock. All logs will be 12 feet long. Each competitor will sign a liability waiver, media waiver, and Code of Conduct agreement when registering on the day of the event in order to compete.

The draw will take place a week to two weeks in advance of the event; names of all Competitors registered at that time will be in the draw. Any names withdrawn after the draw will be regarded a scratch, just as if happened during competition; USLRA rules will apply.

Brackets will be printed and included in the programs for the event so spectators can more easily follow the competition.

Saturday: 9:30- 10:30 professional athlete check in, 10:15 am warm up, 11:00 am start time.

Do I need to wear my competitor shirt? Can I wear my sponsors" logo?

Competitor shirts must be worn during competition,while accepting awards, and during tournament photos. Personal sponsors logos may be worn during competition with prior approval, and can be displayed on hat, shorts, socks or calf sleeves only. Please contact Katie Rick via email by June 28, 2019 for approval. Athletes will NOT be permitted to wear clothing or display other items that bear logos, marks, or other identification of products that are competitive with any official tournament sponsors. Current Sponsors include:KRICK, Kwik Trip, STIHL, Explore La Crosse, Pischke, Waterworks, Holiday Inn Express, Fowler and Hammer, Altra, Adoni, Gundersen Hotel, Howie"s, Advertising Concepts, Burrachos, La Crosse Radio Group, Modern Crane, Roberts & Ryan, Brewer Investment, Culver"s- additional Tournament sponsors are still being finalized.

Approval for the US Log Rolling Open does not mean you are approved for Three Rivers Roleo.

What do I receive for my entry fee?

You will receive a moisture wicking shirt or tank. The chance to be on Fox Sports North & Fox Sports Wisconsin which airs to all Wisconsin & Minnesota and parts of surround states which increase your chance for personal sponsorship.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

E-mail Katie@kricklogrolling.com, threeriversroleo.com or call 608-769-3583.

Log Rolling

Elite Women

Seed 1Pappadopoulos, Livi(1)
Seed 2Ingbretson, Meredith(2)
Seed 3Davenport, Ellie(3)
Seed 4Christopherson, Emily(4)
Seed 5Penning, Haley(5)
Seed 6Verstegen, Shana(6)
Seed 7Judd, Olivia(7)
Seed 8Burke, Katie(8)
Bulk, Maggie
Delaney, Abby
Duffy, Claudia
Penning, Maggie

Elite Men

Seed 1Hallett, Tanner(1)
Seed 2Birdsong, Connor(2)
Seed 3Polentini, Anthony(3)
Seed 4Birdsong, Garrick(4)
Seed 5Burns, Shane(5)
Seed 6Duffy, Brian(6)
Seed 7Delaney, Matt(7)
Seed 8Pilgreen, Cameron(8)
Hoeschler, Will